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Ginger . . .

So, in my quest to find someone or something to proofread my stuff, I stumbled across a free web-based app called Ginger.  Not only does it proofread through this webpage, but you can download an app to proofread in email, documents, and webpages.  Anything it is able to proofread, it will put a tab at the top of your screen.  Currently, it does not support Chrome, so Chrome users may have to switch to a different browser to check their blog posts before publishing.

It is very easy to use, and it goes sentence by sentence.  It did find some errors that made it through, but also made suggestions that didn’t fit the flow of the sentence.  Each change you can either approve, skip, or you can edit the sentence there with your own changes.  I think, for free, it is possibly the best option for proofreading your documents.

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I’m finding the most difficult thing right now, starting out as a new writer, is finding someone to proofread and edit my writing.  Before I can have any hope of getting published, I have to make sure my work is as near perfect as I can get it.  But frankly, I am abominable at proofreading my own writing.  I always have been.  So, I am on a quest for free websites or programs that will help me.  After all, until I’m published, I can’t pay someone hundreds of dollars yet.  I plan to review these options and let you know how it turns out.

I found a website, PaperRater, that is decent as a quick scan, but is not absolutely thorough.  It gives you spelling and grammar issues, as well as word choice options.  It also gives you some stats about your paper and the “grade” it would get in a hypothetical classroom.  I put my short story through it, made some changes and then re-copied back into my file.

The acid test for these sites is my DH, the grammar troll.  I pity his students once he starts teaching English.  I let him read the story after putting it through PaperRater and his exact words: “It didn’t catch everything.”  So, it might be a good way to quickly check for big errors, but it won’t get your writing submission-ready.

Which means, I’m off to find another option.

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