Birds & Beauty

15 Apr

I have had the extreme pleasure of spending my early mornings outside on my front porch.  I have always been drawn to the natural world for inspiration.  Even if I must sit huddled in fleece, sipping coffee, then I will.  And sitting out on my porch, for brief moments, I can see God.

This is not a form of nature worship.  I am not worshiping trees and birds.  But I can see the green fuzz come out on the tree branches and the squirrels chasing each other as they search for nuts, and in that I see the beauty that God has created.  His image mirrored for those with open eyes and a quiet heart.  There is a group of four birds that, every morning, flit about and do a dance in the air.  They swoop, dive and careen around each other in this delicate ballet of aerodynamics.  And I can only sit with my mouth open in amazement.

The robins bob about.  I remember my grandmother telling me that they stop to listen for worms, to explain their stop and start behavior.  And to this day I hold my breath to keep from hindering their hunt.

I find I have to have this time.  Every morning, every day.  It is an incomplete day without this time.  Just me and God mirrored into my eyes.

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